Friday, May 28, 2010

Ride, ride ,Ride your bike

For some reason Alanna has taken it into her head that she really wants a scooter. (Everyone else she knows has one, or two, think that might have something to do with it?)for Christmas she and Asher got perfectly good bicycles. Asher was doing pretty good at riding his but Alanna was balking and wouldn't do it.

Finally I told her that in order to get a scooter she had to learn to ride her bike and be able to go on family bike rides. Evidently that's all that it took. Almost every day she has been outside riding her bike. Asher too, and even Lydia is getting into the spirit of things. We have yet to go on a family bike ride since Lydia does not have a helmet and I can't find one for her yet, but it actually worked. I'll need to remember that for the future. Alanna seems to be pretty goal oriented as long as the prize is right.

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