Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thumb sucking all done

Asher has a little callus on his right thumb. It's from where the teeth hit when he sucks his thumb. Now that he is three I had started to think about when the thumb sucking (and accompanying playing with my hair) were going to end. So I started mentioning things like, "someday you are going to need to be all done sucking your thumb", you know, hints. And usually he would say something along the lines of, "someday, but not right now."

Well about two weeks ago Asher told me that he needed to be done sucking his thumb because of that little callus. And guess what? He totally did it by himself!!!! For the first few days and nights he would pop it in, and then I would look a him, and he would pop it right back out. And he stopped playing with my hair at night because it has to have the thumb involved. Seriously, he did it all by himself, and he has not sucked his thumb for about a week. So proud.

But at the same time so sad. He used to snuggle when he sucked his thumb. Now he doesn't want to any more. I guess that's the trade off I get.


  1. Why is it when they give up bad habits they give up the one's we love too? I don't think it's fair :(

  2. It isn't fair. I still sneak in a few snuggles, but they are short and far in between.