Sunday, November 28, 2010

11 things to do with the kids this year

When we moved to california we decided that we were going to take the kids to a few places this year. We wound up with 11 destinations and managed to complete all 11. However, I have since lost the list and the completion dates. So here goes to see if i can remember them

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Apple Hill
Sacramento Zoo
Jelly Belly Factory
San Francisco
Old Sac and the Train Museum

Phooey. Can't seem to remember the last one. Oh well, whatever it was we did it. HOORAY FOR US.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Asher's Birthday

Some pictures from Asher Dasher's birthday. He was so sweet.


Some pictures of the kids at gymnastics.

Pumpkin patch

A little late I know but these are pictures from the pumpkin patch. Alanna went with her school class so Asher, Lydia and I went with my neighbor and her two kids to a different pumpkin patch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prent Teacher Conference

I went to my first parent teacher conference today. Alanna is doing well, of course. She got thirteen threes and three twos. Two's mean progressing and threes mean basically mastered. Mastered for the quarter anyway. All I can say is, so glad for my little girl.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Asher Dasher Update

I can't believe that my little man is going to be 4 this week. In some ways I think of him as older because he plays so well with Alanna. He learns well from watching. He knows how to write his own name, is really fast on a scooter, and is such a sweet brother to Lydia. He looks after her so well. I love how protective he is of his sisters.

He's 31.5 lbs and he's either 39.75 or 40.5 inches tall. I'm not sure which yet. If I have him lay down he's taller and if he stands up he's shorter. So, will have to have some help confirming tonight when Dane gets home.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Extra, extra, read all about it...

The training wheels are off and she is on her way!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crock Pot

I've been trying to make more crock pot meals lately. It sure makes things earlier at dinner time. So this week I tried a lasagna. Other than the sauce (I tried a new one) it turned out pretty good. Next I am going to try a chicken show mein. I wonder if my kids will eat that?

And tonight is gymnastics night. The kids are doing pretty well. Asher does a great cartwheel. Alanna likes the bars. I am not sure that it's going to be what they stick with but at least it is good for strengthening their bodies.

Friday, November 5, 2010

18 months update

My baby girl is almost 18 months. Hard to believe, but it is true.

So, she is 31.25 inches tall and 22 pounds, my largest baby yet. Not by much but still, she has the 18 month record.

And she has a whole new vocabulary now. She no longer sits and chats with me in gibberish :(. She actually tries to use words to say what she means. And she said Asher's name last night. It was so cute to see Asher's smile when she said his name. She loves her older sister and will parrot anything Alanna tells her to say. So I was trying to get her to say "Asher" last night, she stared at me, Alanna told her to say it and she did! Good thing Alanna doesn't know any bad words.

Anyway, so her vocabulary:
Mommy, Daddy, mamma (Grandma), hand, I want, I want that one, Nanna (Alanna), Asher, Airmo (airplane), bur (bird), that's silly, hungry, banana, again, no, night night, bye bye, hi, sorry, thank you, please, cheese, nummy (yummy), shirt, shoe, yellow, blue, Teagan (friend next door), eewww, gog-gog (dog), all done, house, wheee... I can't think of any others.

My beautiful baby girl, she's such a delight.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I don't think I will ever get used to stages, and phases that kids go through. Just when I think I have everyone figured out, they go change the rules on me.

Some of these stages I am okay with (learning to play with older sister or brother, politeness, snuggly) but others just get confusing. Like toys. One minute they like certain toys, then they never touch them again. Oh well, I guess it is supposed to help keep my life interesting.