Sunday, March 28, 2010

My dress

For those of you who know my Mom, I am not sure how many of you know that she is a fantastic seamstress. There are several pictures of my when I was little (and not so little) wearing dresses she made. (She even made my wedding dress!)

Anyway, she saved at least one of the dresses I had when I was little (any more out there Mom?)and I got to put it on Lydia today. So fun. The embroidery, piping, lace, everything, was done by hand. While having two kids. Wow. Thanks Mom.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cute Kids

You know the problem with having cute kids? You want to upload every single picture that you can cause they are all adorable. Sigh. I can think of many worse problems to have. My kids are just so cute! So, I have more pictures to share...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Alanna and Asher had their first kite flying experience last night. The wind was perfect and across from our apartment complex is a grassy area, perfect for flying. So we took them out and had a blast.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And the answer is... No bed!

That's right. It seems that a lot of Asher's not sleeping at nights can be tied directly to his bed. For the last week or so we have had the kids sleeping in the living room as we have worked on trying to get Lydia to sleep more (and they think that sleeping in the living room is tons of fun.)

While sleeping on the floor asher rarely woke up, and if he did it was usually for the bathroom. SO last night we put them back in their room and took Asher's bed out and just set up a little bed on the floor. He slept all night there, so I think that this is what we are going to stick with. Alanna in a bed, Lydia in the crib and Asher on the floor.

I think the problem is that Asher is a mover. If her feels like he is falling out of bed then he wakes up and has a hard time getting back to sleep. Since he can move however he wants on the floor he is totally comfortable. Right now he is in a toddler bed, but I wonder if a twin size would be big enough so he would not feel like he was going to fall off. Oh well, not going to bother about it right now, the floor is good.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Poor Asher. He has had two days where he has gotten splinters. Yesterday he got a splinter in his hand from a piece of decorative grass. It was long, thin and kept breaking off when I tried to get hold of the end.

So today he was spinning around a tee trunk, and he came over to me to tell me his hand hurt. So I look at his little hand. There are five splinters in it. Five!! And of course he won't let me touch them and I can't hold him down on my own. So I slapped some Purification on them and I guess I'll let that work on them for awhile. Poor baby, his hand hurts.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Time change is the worst

I really don't like changing time. It messes up everything so bad, and I think it's worse in the spring than in the fall. My kids didn't wake up until almost 9 this morning, which was really nice, but seriously the whole day is just so off. It takes almost a week to recover from this! And I know it's hard on my kids. They took their teddies to church with them because they were still sleepy.

So now they are in their room for quite time and I am squandering time by surfing the internet instead of cleaning, organizing, recording, or whatever else I should be doing right now.

Isn't Alanna's hair cute?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Some days I think that owning a car is not worth it. Okay, more than sometimes. Oil changes, rock chip fixes, replacement of small and big parts, smog, registration, safety and belts. And of course the ultimate thing this all comes down to: money. Does it all really have to cost so much?

They need to make a one stop you can do it all place. Wash, vacuum, oil change, smog and repair, all offered here. And free taxi service so you can go home and we'll pick you up when it's done.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I love Monterey and I was so excited to take my kids to the aquarium there. Alanna loved the sea horses, that was like the only thing she wanted to see the whole day. Asher loved the clown fish, but recognized sharks the most. Lydia loved the penguins and any display that was large. She was so happy to just watch everything swim around. Dane likes jellis and the sun fish and of course I liked the otters.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Sleeper

My kids don't usually fall asleep in strange places or positions. I can think of one time Alanna fell asleep on the kitchen floor. I am not sure Asher ever did, unless you count in the Johnny Jump Up. So when I came up the stairs yesterday and saw Lydia like this I was kind of surprised. I knew she was sleepy and I was trying to finish the kids lunches so I could get her down and found that she had done the work for me. She was sitting down and literally fell forward asleep.

Random things

Lydia - Ran her fingers through her hair after she had a snack.
Lydia - Grabbed a sock right before I put her in the bath and promptly dropped it in the water.
Asher - Took a Barbie to bed and played with her hair last night.
Alanna - Decided that she wants to be a Mommy when she grows up and have a little boy.

I love my kids. they are so sweet, and really very good to each other. Actually right now Lydia is in her bath and the other two are playing with the castle Asher got for his birthday.

It's time for me to get a haircut.

I need to file taxes and FAFSA.

Dane now had a 5 o'clock shadow when he comes home from work.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alanna: Asher had put her teddy's arm in his mouth and she started to cry and said to me, "Mommy, my best friend is all wet!"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Day of Swimming

Alanna and Asher had their first day of swimming today. They were so cute sitting on the edge of the pool in their little swimming suits. Asher insisted on keeping on his little white shirt.

So first they had them practice moving along the wall with their hands while they were in the water. Asher wouldn't go all the way in. He was the only one who pulled himself along the wall on his waist rather than by his hands. Then they practiced kicking which both kids were good at. Then they practiced some arm movements. The kids did so well. I was worried there was going to be an issue with water in the eyes but they did fine. Actually the worst part was getting out and showered.

On Thursday the instructors are going to split the class. The same level, but I think it's going to be the fearless versus the more cautious. So they may not stay in the same class but at least they will be at the same time, learning similar things.