Thursday, May 13, 2010

Annoying little swimmer

Alanna and Asher are still in swimming lessons. Every month is a new session. Well this session there is another little girl who cries when she even sees the pool. She sees the pool and cries. She gets in the water and cries. She freaks out when it comes to doing some of the exercises. And she is screaming the whole time. The pool is indoors. So for a half hour I have to listen to her. She has her own personal teacher because someone has to work with her personally, and then my kids only get one of their teachers to work with them. Hey, I paid for this people!

Admittedly today the little girl didn't cry, but while it was going on it was very frustrating.

Okay, venting done.


  1. If my child was THAT afraid of going to swimming lessons I would wait a few years. That poor little girl. Seriously why would you put a child through that? Some parents!

  2. The girl is too old for Mommy and me classes, but I do have to wonder if putting her in like that is the best idea. Granted she's not my kid and so I don't know her, but maybe some time with Mommy in the pool helping out on their own time?