Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things the kids did today while my back was turned

1: Asher cut a Barbie's hair with the kid scissors. It was not a Barbie Alanna claims so it was okay, and he only got half way through when Alanna came to tell me. He then got upset because he didn't want Alanna to tell me. I told him he could finish cutting but I wasn't going to buy a new one, and I couldn't out the hair back on and it would not grow back. If all of those things were okay he could keep cutting. He said okay.

2: Evidently he started on his own hair when I went upstairs, so there are two practically bald spots on top of his head. I just gave him a haircut last week. So, shave the head or wait for it to grow again? I'm going with waiting.

3: Lydia got a Alanna's banana peel and crawled across the carpet and up the stairs with it. Oh yum.

4: Someone got a hold of my iPod and downloaded something on it. Not sure what it was or how they got it, but it wasn't anything I chose! Fortunately it wasn't something risque.

5: Alanna tore a page out of her coloring book and asked me to tape it back in.


  1. They will keep us busy won't they.

  2. whoah lol!! funny about the scissors and hair stuff. I dont understand how kids get ahold of scissors and cut chunks out of their hair but Im sure it will happen to me too someday w/ my future kids. Eek i hope not. Having it happen to a boy rather t han a girl doesnt seem quite as bad. LOL about the ipod!

  3. Just when you think it's safe to let them have something, they decide it's too safe for their liking... and then you find yourself closing your eyes and droning "I love my precious little one, I LOVE my precious little one...". Deep breath!