Thursday, February 25, 2010


So for clarification, Alanna mostly has that passage memorized. But, she does know some of the words when they are given to her out of context. She just recognizes them. I know when I was taught spelling\reading in school that they told me to "sound out" the word if I did not know what it meant. So I have tried to use that method on Alanna occasionally and I does not really work. "C's" and "K"s are just too similar and lets face it, English is not really a language to "sound out." It just doesn't work that way.

I am reminded of one of the advantages of cursive writing. Teaching that letters (and therefore sounds) run together. Probably much better. That and the idea of instead of learning the sounds, to learn the shape of the words. I sit here going "huh?" on that one a little, words and shapes? But hey, it seems to work. It inspires the idea that 'oh I have seem that before. I get it". And since reading is memorization anyway, why not do shapes instead of sounds?

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