Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was a girly girl when I was little. I loved pink, ruffles, braids, curls, you know, the usual. Some of that rubs off into my expectations for my kids.

I took Alanna to get new shoes, and i have to go to stride rite because unfortunately she has inherited my feet. Stride Rite shoes are narrower but even they don't really fit. She has a size 9 foot but she has to wear 1/2 a size smaller to make the shoes fit, and we have to be very specific about what she gets so they do not fall off. Add to that her personal style sense and it is amazing that she wears anything at all on her feet.

Anyway, so we go to the store and ask for the narrowest "dress" shoe they have. I got three options. One was a white normal (boring) looking dress shoe. The other two were black casual shoes that looked like walking shoes meant to cross over to something dressier. One had a scalloped design across the toe with a bow, and it looked cute. The other was very basic and looked like a boys shoe made for a girl. So which does Alanna choose? The slimmed down one with no frills. Of course. I am not complaining, I am just glad we found something. But I did sigh a little. Watch out Lydia, you are going to have no options. Hair ties, pigtails, frilly dresses and skirts for you.


  1. my sister was never particularly girly and hates the color pink. Her daughter goes for pink sparkly every time it's an option. She currently wears awesome pink hightops (she just turned 1)

    Funny how different kids can be :)

  2. Alanna has my taste in clothes!