Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello World

So, instead of unpacking or organizing, budgeting, or whatever else I could be using this time for sensibly, I have instead started a family blog.  I am hoping it will be a combination of family updates, thoughts on the world, and the occasional place to rant about something.  Feel free to skip any posts that do not appeal to you.

So, we are now here in lovely Cali, and it is a warm day, so warm in fact I almost sent the kids outside in shorts. It is supposed to rain the rest of the week but I am glad I got a sunny day to stock up on my sun quota.  We are slowly settling into our new home, it takes a lot longer with three kids to do something like that.  But we are making progress.

Lydia has stated to stand on her own , and you can watch her as she makes little faces trying to move her feet.  She thinks the whole thing is a big game and giggles through the whole thing.  Her top teeth still haven't come through.  I'm so ready for them to, I am not getting any sleep at nights, despite what I put on her gums to soothe them.

Asher loves having kids next door to play with.  Every morning he wants to go next door.  He was wrestling with their 5 year old today, and he did pretty well  with it.

Alanna keeps asking me when she gets to go to school.  She's 5, I got the papers from her school, "come on Mom what are you waiting for"!  She has really gotten into faeries lately.

Dane gets up every morning and goes to the gym.  He's enjoying that, he has more energy during the day. Work is productive, and he is enjoying what he is doing.

I got up once this week to work out, but due to a migraine and very little sleep missed the next two days.  I am hoping to get back to it.  I know it feels better after you have done it for awhile.  Mostly I am cleaning the house, trying to organize it and enjoying the sunshine.

So, I think that's everything.  I'll try and keep current on this thing, but no promises just in case!

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  1. I'm so excited you started a blog!

    I keep meaning to call and then don't - sorry. I hope the move went smoothly and that Alanna had a fantastic 5th birthday. We thought of her on the 20th.