Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Crafty Idea

I actually had a crafty idea! Well, it's kind of stolen I admit. The idea is, not the design. I frequently get frustrated at the amount of garbage that accumulates on the floor of my van. The kids eat a snack and then want to know where to put the garbage and since they can't really move in those car seats of theirs and sitting with garbage sharing your seat is no fun, the garbage ends up on the floor. So I read about an idea of putting a fabric bag on the back of the seat, but the design I saw had to have a plastic bag put into it. For lazy people like me, that idea won't work cause I would always forget to put in a new bag. So I came up with my own bag. Just 1/2 yard fabric and 1/2 yard vinyl type fabric (like the kind for a cheap tablecloth). It made three bags. I love them. They have already been great and the kids ask me for garbage so they can put it in the garbage bags.

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