Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh the ignorance of youth

When I was younger than I am now (27 really is still young) I remember looking at "old people" who of course to my young mind were old but they were probably only in their thirties, and thinking either "that will never happen to me" or "I will know I am old when that starts happening to me." Well, evidently some of those "old people" things start happening young. Here are a few I have run across lately.

1: Circling circus rides. Yes Mom, you were right, not that I am "older" I can hardly ride them. I took my kids to John's Incredible pizza, and they have a ride that spins in a circle while you spin yourself in a circle. I rode it twice because my kids were not tall enough to go on by themselves, and I was there with my neighbor who was really not looking forward to riding on the ride, to to spare her the torture, I went on it. Thank goodness I hadn't eaten much and thank goodness that somewhere in my very spotty dance lessons i learned the basics of spotting. It's the only thing that saved me. That was horrible!!!

2: Brown spotted hands. Actually, since i have freckles on my hands it looks like I already have these. How unfair is that?

3: Those long facial hairs you have to pluck. The kinds that come out of moles, under the chin and he corners of the mouth or wherever else. So not nice.

4: Needing naps. My Mom will tell you that I never really slept as a kid. Now all I want to do is catch up on some descent sleep. Now that I am a mom I will probably never sleep through the night again, I get that. But I never really get to nap either. I never dreamed I would voluntarily take one of those, unless I was at a sleepover or something.

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