Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guilty Today of...

Letting my kids eat food in front of the tv with a movie on. In my defence, I got to bed kinda late and then Asher started randomly coughing at about 2 in the morning. I gave him the cough mix and that calmed him, but he was sleepiong on the floor by my bed. Then he decided that the floor wasn't good wenough and he climbed in with me. Then this morning I got up early so I could run an errand and get the kids bathed and then a grocery run in. Now I am tired and want to sleep, especially since I have gymnastics for the kids and a bridal shower to go to tonight. So I am letting the kids eat snacks in frobnt of the tv while I do some things that need to be done, and yes I count blogging on that because of my goal for this year. I have a feeling that December is going to be a very busy month. A wedding, a trip to Oregon, Christmas, school projects, finish Christmas shopping, and all the arranging that goes into everything. But that's how it is every year I guess.

However, I need to start some Christmas traditions with my little family. We have almost always been at someone elses place for Christmas, but I need to have special things for us too. So far I have getting and decorating a tree and the house as a family the first weekend in December and setting up the nativity by telling the nativity story. Hmmmm, I think there need to be a few more. Simple things really, but traditions that I start for my kids to remember.


  1. Heather
    You could do the Christmas eve gift as something warm to wear! I have kept that tradtion going on for my little family!

  2. We don't really have any traditions - since we've never had our own Christmas (and no kids), but I'd really like to do something like this:

    when I do. A bit late for this year (maybe a 12 days of Christmas?), but ya know