Monday, July 26, 2010


Sometimes I notice that I do things without thinking about them.

1: I ate almost a whole package of Chips Ahoy cookies without even really knowing that I did it.

2: I shampoo my hair more than once.

3: I twitch.

4: I forget which child I am talking to and then I include my little brother into the list of names when I call out.

5: I just paint over my old toenail polish rather than removing it.


  1. I remember Jeremiah used to do that. In Japan, you can buy a bag of Chips-Ahoy-like cookies, but each cookie is individually wrapped. Jeremiah would sit down to have a couple, and next thing he knew there was a pile of cookie wrappers next to him on the desk, and the bag was empty :)

    I usually shampoo my hair more than once if I'm looking for an excuse not to get out of a nice hot shower.

  2. I paint over my old nail polish too. No worries ;-)