Saturday, July 10, 2010


So after many weeks, we finally have our bunk beds. We actually had to cancel our other order and go to a different store, and so I didn't get what I wanted, but hey, we have bunk beds now.

Alanna's on the top, and it's too bad you can't see much of it, but her bed has kittens and flowers.

And thus last picture is of the pendant my parents got me for my birthday. Since I chose it and they've never seen it I thought I should try to post it. Unfortunately my camera is only so good, I don't have a mega hyped out one, so in order to see the colors the picture had to be blurry. it's much better in person, believe me!


  1. Oh good memories of bunk beds! Mostly falling out of them but still, good times! That pendant is gorgeous. Mom and Dad did a good job :)

  2. Melanie and I had loft bunk beds when we were young. they were set up so we had a "hidey hole" next to my bed and under hers. I would get down there early in the morning and play tapes on her tape recorder. I think she was overjoyed when we stopped having that set up.

  3. my sisters and i had bunkbeds when we were growing up. I still sleep in the same bed but its not built up into a bunkbed anymore.
    Your necklace is sooo pretty!

  4. the pendent is from a store in old sac, and there were tons of really pretty pendants in there. It was really hard to choose just one.

    The bunk beds are the kind where I can take them apart later for the kids to use as twin beds. that was a must for the ultimate choice.