Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, so that's why!

Now that I am a Mom I find myself at times looking back to my childhood and going, "Oh, that's why Mom did that. Now I get it!" Here are a few;

1: Quiet time - That's why we had an hour in our rooms every day. It's not because you thought I was still a baby and needed sleep, (my Mom knew me better than that, sleep and Heather did not go in the same sentence),it was because Mom needed a sanity break.

2: That's why I had to wear shots under my skirts (it was so uncomfortable), it was a lot easier than constantly telling me to keep my legs down. (and that other reason)

3: That's why I had to go to bed when it was still light outside. Bedtime is bedtime, and we stick to bed time.

4: Along with number 3, that's why you covered up the pretty curtains with something dark. Not only so it was easier to go to sleep, but so I didn't get you up in the morning at insane hours, because hey, the sun is up!

5: That's why you almost always wore the same heavy necklace. We couldn't break it!

6: That's why you "made" us go outside. I am sure vitamin D was secondary on the list of reasons to send us there.

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