Monday, March 15, 2010

Time change is the worst

I really don't like changing time. It messes up everything so bad, and I think it's worse in the spring than in the fall. My kids didn't wake up until almost 9 this morning, which was really nice, but seriously the whole day is just so off. It takes almost a week to recover from this! And I know it's hard on my kids. They took their teddies to church with them because they were still sleepy.

So now they are in their room for quite time and I am squandering time by surfing the internet instead of cleaning, organizing, recording, or whatever else I should be doing right now.

Isn't Alanna's hair cute?


  1. i always hated 'springing ahead' vs 'falling back'. Ugh. hope u guys adjust okay - or move to Az bc there is no daylight savings here! lol Alanna's hair is super super cute! she is so pretty!

  2. Ok, it might be worth it to move to Az just for that! The part I love about Alanna's hair is that the clippies came from the dollar tree. They break easy but so do the normal ones, and they actually hold her hair.