Saturday, March 20, 2010

And the answer is... No bed!

That's right. It seems that a lot of Asher's not sleeping at nights can be tied directly to his bed. For the last week or so we have had the kids sleeping in the living room as we have worked on trying to get Lydia to sleep more (and they think that sleeping in the living room is tons of fun.)

While sleeping on the floor asher rarely woke up, and if he did it was usually for the bathroom. SO last night we put them back in their room and took Asher's bed out and just set up a little bed on the floor. He slept all night there, so I think that this is what we are going to stick with. Alanna in a bed, Lydia in the crib and Asher on the floor.

I think the problem is that Asher is a mover. If her feels like he is falling out of bed then he wakes up and has a hard time getting back to sleep. Since he can move however he wants on the floor he is totally comfortable. Right now he is in a toddler bed, but I wonder if a twin size would be big enough so he would not feel like he was going to fall off. Oh well, not going to bother about it right now, the floor is good.

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