Monday, September 20, 2010

This Last Weekend

Avast ye! One of the local library systems put on a pirate day on Saturday and we got to go. They told some pirate tales, had a "ship", or at least the back half of one, we sang some sea shanty's and of course had sword fights. It was really fun. I think the kids liked it.

The one interesting thing I was told (I won't call it a fact since I am not sure) but I was told that pirates did not actually wear eye patches to cover their eyes from scars, etc. Scars were considered to be like medals. The more scars you had paid tribute to your fighting skills. Anyway, we were told that they wore it over one eye while up on deck, and when they had to go below they would switch it to the other eye, so there was none of that awkward light to dark transition that temporarily blinds you. Interesting. Maybe one of these days I'll look it up to see if it's true.

Waiting to go in. Aren't they the cutest!!

A little boy offered to take a picture with Alanna. I didn't know this was what he had in mind.

The "ship"

I love this picture of Lydi - so cute!

The kids and their Daddy fighting. They loved this part.

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