Thursday, April 8, 2010


Time for a family update:

Dane: Only 4 months left of his program (okay, more like 4.75) and then he is DONE! it will be so nice to have our Monday and Tuesday nights back. I feel like we have to cram all of our family fun time into one night. He is enjoying his new job and we are waiting to see if they are going to send him to the Ukraine this summer. (Would I want to go with him? Not sure).

Alanna: Started swim classes again and she seems to be doing pretty well. Her biggest problems are not wanting to put her face in the water and she can't float. Well do I know those problems. She has quite a few friends just here in the main area in front of our apartment and she always runs out the door if her friends are out there.

Asher: Also can't float but he is a little better about putting his face in the water. He likes having friends around too but it's a little hard sometimes because the other boys play rough and Asher isn't used to that and it's not his way. He is so protective of his sisters, it's so sweet to watch.

Lydia: Is being stubborn. I know she can walk, I know she can, at least a little more than she currently is, but she insists on crawling. I hope she gets it figured out before the summer when it's too hot for pants. But then maybe she will decide she does not like having scraped knees and just get up and do it. She is still such a sweetie, just a wonderful baby.

Heather: I cleaned up my bedroom!! Sounds dumb, but it was an ongoing project. Anything that doesn't have a place gets thrown in there. Still hoping for a church calling, nervous about the sunbeam teacher that just moved. Just being a mom and trying to get my voice back. I never realized how much I actually sing during the week and it's annoying when I can't.

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  1. We missed you guys sooo much at Easter. Since Asher wasn't there to run around the fire place thingy, Will decided too. But I hope you guys are loving life in Sunny California... I'm not bitter...or jealous... ok maybe a little!