Tuesday, July 5, 2011


we have a lot of piano in our family. Dane plays, I dabble a little, my mother in law and sister in law play,my sister and mother play and my grandmother plays and composes songs, so it shouldn't have surprised me when Alanna came up to me and asked if I could give her piano lessons. I didn't really think she was serious but I went ahead and got out the books and showed her the first song. She mastered it perfectly in about 10 minutes. Since then she has kept after me almost everyday to give her a new song. And almost every day she is ready for one.

A few days ago I wanted to test her to see if she was really playing and mastering the songs so I had her go back and play all of the songs from the book that she had passed off. With only one goof on one song that she quickly fixed she played them all almost perfectly (her whole note only got 3.5 counts).

Soon she is going to be ready to play notes from the staff. I am not sure how quickly she will get it or if at that point her interest will wane, but it's amazing to me how fast she is picking up the music. I love it!

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