Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oops, I passed 100 and didn't even notice

I passed over my 100th blog post and didn't even notice. My 100th post was about changing the color of Asher's room. So... Yay I made it to 100!

So, my SIL tagged me th other day... So here is the result.

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The Questions:

1. What's your name and your blogs name?

2. What's your blogs URL?

3.Write, "A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!"

4. Favorite Quote.

5. Favorite Song?

6. Favorite band/singers?

7. Anything you want to say.

8. Tag people.

So that couch I mentioned? Here it is!

I did finally cut the tags off the couch but (I know it's silly) it was fun to leave them on for a few hours cause it PROVED it was new!!

We looked at all sorts of couches before we got this one. I loke microfiber couches but every time I sat on one, and then my kids touched me I got shocked. Lydia's hair was standing on end all the time, and I just couldn't do it. And I did not want leather because on cold mornings leather couches are cold too, what's the point of that! So my selection was limited since leather and microfiber are "in" right now, but this one seemed to fit.

And these last pictures are of Lydia. She fell asleep this way. then she would start to fall down and she would jerk awake to reposition herself. It was so cute to watch!!

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  1. Sweet, thanks for the tag!
    PS I LOVE your new couch!!