Friday, November 5, 2010

18 months update

My baby girl is almost 18 months. Hard to believe, but it is true.

So, she is 31.25 inches tall and 22 pounds, my largest baby yet. Not by much but still, she has the 18 month record.

And she has a whole new vocabulary now. She no longer sits and chats with me in gibberish :(. She actually tries to use words to say what she means. And she said Asher's name last night. It was so cute to see Asher's smile when she said his name. She loves her older sister and will parrot anything Alanna tells her to say. So I was trying to get her to say "Asher" last night, she stared at me, Alanna told her to say it and she did! Good thing Alanna doesn't know any bad words.

Anyway, so her vocabulary:
Mommy, Daddy, mamma (Grandma), hand, I want, I want that one, Nanna (Alanna), Asher, Airmo (airplane), bur (bird), that's silly, hungry, banana, again, no, night night, bye bye, hi, sorry, thank you, please, cheese, nummy (yummy), shirt, shoe, yellow, blue, Teagan (friend next door), eewww, gog-gog (dog), all done, house, wheee... I can't think of any others.

My beautiful baby girl, she's such a delight.


  1. I canot believe she is in nursery already. My goodness time does fly!

  2. she's so super cute! (as all your kids are) she is growing up a lot!