Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Volunteering in Kindergarten

Am I the luckiest Mom or what? A few weeks ago Alanna came home from school with the parent volunteer sign up sheet. Unfortunately they were asking for weekly, or every other week helpers, and since I still have two at home, I didn't really think I could do that. But I put a note at the bottom that said i could help once a month and I got lucky. Mrs. Santos took me up on it so i get to help in Alanna's class now.

Today was my first day. I felt a little weird when I walked in. I am so not old enough to be back in elementary school because my daughter is in it. And actually, I miss elementary school. With the exception of first grade I think those were my best years in school. Anyway, I was just putting papers in folders and gluing the first pages of the journals onto the covers, but I got to watch Alanna for a few minutes. I just loved watching her in there. And of course she kept sneaking looks at me and trying to whisper to me, all during okay times of course. When she was supposed to be paying attention she was. *sigh* so sweet!! And I get to do it again.

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